Netflix’s film adaptation of the manga One Piece – first fan reviews of the series

The film adaptation of the popular manga One Piece, which tells the story of the epic journey of the young pirate Monkey Dee Luffy and his diverse crew, has received its first positive reviews, writes Gizmodo.

The premiere of the series, which is the responsibility of the Netflix streaming service, is scheduled for August 31. However, some reviewers were able to watch One Piece thanks to early access. Judging by their reviews, the show is worth watching.

“As someone who has become much more familiar with the anime in the past year I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see the series brought to life with so much love. The scale of this show is VAST and so much dedication was put into just about every aspect of it,” the user JJ wrote.

Some people share that they have already watched the series several times. Others express their admiration for the cast.

“#OnePieceNetflix is, simply put, excellent. Faithful when it matters while being a fresh take on the world that introduces it to newcomers. This cast is just so perfect,” Rafael Motamayor is convinced.

Fans believe that the series will appeal to both anime fans and those who are not.

“After the first few minutes of #OnePieceNetflix, I surprisingly teared up at how much fun it is & so close to the anime. It’s the good kind of campy. Iñaki Godoy IS Luffy. The casting is fire. Both fans of the anime & not will enjoy,” Laura noted.

As a reminder, Netflix released the first trailer of the long-awaited series in June this year. The adaptation is based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga and anime One Piece. It was first announced by Netflix in 2020.