The compact electric crossover Mercedes EQA proudly bears a three-ray star. By the way, it is now mounted on an updated black panel that adorns the front of the electric vehicle instead of the usual grille.

Also, the newly introduced updated Mercedes EQA electric car attracts attention with a modified front bumper, new wheel options, and fresh body colors, such as this deep blue.

Frankly speaking, the changes are not radical; but they are noticeable. The interior is the same: the usual front panel architecture, but now the Mercedes EQA offers a new steering wheel with touch switches and improved voice functions of the proprietary MBUX system.

By the way, the 10.25-inch touchscreen display for the MBUX settings is now included as standard. That seems to be all the key updates for the Mercedes EQA – not much more…

If not for one “but”: the updated Mercedes EQA electric car has significantly increased its range – the manufacturer promises up to 560 km on a full battery charge. By the way, no increase in the latter was reported (it was 67 kWh), but the use of new tires with reduced rolling resistance and improved aerodynamics was announced.

The increased range was achieved by optimizing the design. And now the 560 kilometers makes the Mercedes EQA the record holder in its class! However, this record holder will have to wait: sales will start at the end of 2023 or at the very beginning of 2024, depending on the specific market.