Google has joined the celebration of Ukraine’s Independence Day with a special doodle. This national holiday honors the unbreakable spirit of the Ukrainian people and the memory of all those who have given their lives for their country – including those who are fighting right now. On this day in 1991, Ukraine gained its independence and entered the world stage as a sovereign state. Since then, Ukraine has continued to build a democratic state that values freedom and integrity. The country has also made several notable global contributions in space exploration, medicine, art, music, technology, and more.

The brightly colored doodle depicts a parade with representatives of different segments of Ukrainian society united by their common pride in their country and its independence and moving into the future.

Today’s doodle was created by Kyiv-based artist Polina Doroshenko. The yellow and blue colors of Ukrainian flag used in the doodle give it a special national character. These colors symbolize the clear sky that envelops the endless wheat fields that can be seen throughout the country. In addition, the doodle represents the indomitable spirit of the people and their love of freedom.

The author of the doodle explains her idea as follows: “In the doodle, I wanted to show that we are both different and united; and I put meanings in most of the details – starting with the color of the sneakers, details of traditional clothes and embroidery, and a ceramic rooster that has become a symbol of unbreakability, resilience, despite all the current challenges. Here we can see the prototypes of both contemporaries and people who celebrated Ukraine’s independence 32 years ago.”

This year’s Independence Day is of particular significance as the country continues to defend its independence and fight against the ongoing Russian invasion.

We congratulate everyone on the Independence Day of Ukraine!