Apple moves the end call button again in iOS 17 beta

In the latest iOS 17 beta, Apple has moved the end call button again. It is now located at the bottom center of the call screen, writes The Verge.

It’s a small change, but it could mean that the new call controls in iOS 17 won’t be so different when Apple officially releases the new software this fall.

As a reminder, Apple recently changed the location of the End Call button in the iOS 17 beta on iPhone. Then the red button was placed in the lower right corner.

Many users reacted quite strongly to this potential innovation. The fact is that most modern phones, including Android phones, use a call end button in the center of the screen. Therefore, the update could cause confusion and inconvenience.

Such user reactions may have forced Apple to reconsider its plans and move the button back to the center of the screen, though not to its original location. Perhaps the company is changing the location of the button to make room for new personalized posters for the contacts a person is talking to.

Placing the call controls at the bottom also probably makes them easier to use on large phone screens.

Earlier, it was reported that iOS 17 will not be available for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. The new operating system is available for models starting with the iPhone Xs. They will have access to features such as updated contact cards, standby on a locked screen, arrival notifications, and more.