In the beta version of iOS 17, Apple has changed the location of the end call button on iPhone, writes Gizmodo.

The red button is located in the bottom right corner. Most modern phones, including Android, use a call end button in the center of the screen. Therefore, the update may cause confusion and inconvenience for users.

Apple is considering removing the red end-of-call button from the center of the iPhone screen.

The new update is expected to be available in September, around the same time that Apple announces details of the iPhone 15 lineup. The calling feature will have a number of smart and interesting features, including personalized posters for contacts and a voicemail transcription feature.

But these changes may not last forever. According to CNBC, Apple moved the browser bar to Safari for its iOS 15 beta in 2021. But by the time of the release, the panel had been brought back.

Earlier it was reported that iOS 17 will not be available for iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. The new operating system is available for models starting with the iPhone Xs. These models will have access to the biggest features of iOS 17, such as updated contact cards, standby on the locked screen, arrival notifications, and more.