Ozmo robots worth $500 thousand take jobs away from window cleaners in New York

На хмарочосах у Нью-Йорку працюють роботи, які миють вікна. Нову технологію в ризикованій індустрії застосовує стартап Skyline Robotics, writes CNBC.

The robot is called Ozmo, and it is successfully operating on one of Manhattan’s skyscrapers. The machine is suspended from the side of the building – it looks like a robotic arm with a brush attached to the end, which cleans the window according to the instructions of a LiDAR camera. This camera uses laser technology to create a 3D map of the building and identify windows on it.

“What the LiDAR is actually doing as the basket is descending is sort of painting itself a picture of the facade that it’s facing,” President and Chief Operating Officer Ross Blum said.

According to him, Ozmo is controlled by a human operator on the roof of the building. Although it can be done completely remotely. The current cost of the robot is $500 thousand. Such a robot also works in Tel Aviv.

The company assures that it does not seek to replace people with robots, but rather aims to retrain window cleaners to work with the technology. However, on the logistics side, Ozmo is reducing the number of people needed to clean a building from a team of three or four window cleaners to one operator.

Some window cleaners are concerned about their future. They think that the dangers of the profession are exaggerated and that human labor should be preserved.

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