Overwatch 2 is the worst Steam game according to player reviews

On August 10, 2023, Overwatch 2 was released on Steam, becoming the first Blizzard game to be released on the service. And perhaps the last, as Steam users greeted the release of Overwatch 2 with bayonets. The game received a barrage of negative reviews and currently has a Steam rating of 10/100.

In just two days, the game received 71 thousand reviews, the vast majority of which were negative. They criticize the mandatory use of Battle.net, the ridiculous Battle Pass, a lot of cosmetics, not very successful innovations, and the lack of the promised storyline PvE mode. We said almost the same thing in our review. Yes, this is a real review bombing, but Blizzard should think about why it happened.

Currently, Overwatch 2 is at the top of the 100 Worst Steam Games list, which is maintained by the Steam 250 website, among others. Blizzard’s game knocked Chinese War of the Three Kingdoms (2021) out of first place with a rating of 11/100. On the third place is Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction (2011) with a rating of 15/100.