An IT specialist from Russia created a joke app for snitching, but Russians started using it quite seriously, writes hromadske.

The app is called “My Donation,” and it looks like the Russian state service Gosuslugi. The app was created in 2018, but it was not popular at the time.

In January of this year, the app became available again on Google Play. Its description states that it has nothing to do with government services or authorities, and that its purpose is entertainment. Nevertheless, the denunciations were taken seriously. In six months, the app was downloaded 10,000 times and more than 5,000 people used it to file a report.

It is noteworthy that about half of all reports were made against friends and neighbors. In 20%, there is a detailed description of the “violation” and personal information and links to the social media pages of the perpetrators.

Denunciations are written not only against those who oppose Russia’s war in Ukraine, but also against those who support it but criticize the Russian president. One user also wanted to send an acquaintance to the front and advised him to send a draft notice.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia is moving its information war against Ukraine into the world of video games. She uses it and related sites to spread the propaganda that the Kremlin uses to justify the war in Ukraine to a new, mostly young audience.