Opel recently unveiled its new concept car with a rather simple and logical name: the Opel Experimental. At first glance, it’s clear that it has no chance of becoming a production car: it’s too futuristic. However, the concept carries a lot of hints of what we will see from Opel in other production models.

First and foremost, it is about finding a new form of mid-size crossover. As is currently fashionable, the Opel Experimental concept suggests a coupe-crossover body type: a sloping rear end, large wheels and dynamically defined wheel arches. Also noteworthy is the absence of chrome (it is not in favor in Europe) and a new solution for the design of the Opel Vizor branded “face”.

The second interesting fact is the use of a new platform for electric vehicles and the presence of all-wheel drive, which means that there should be two electric motors. Although nothing is said about their power, nor about the size of the battery.

But a lot has been said about autonomous driving systems (even a folding steering wheel is included) thanks to numerous sensors, radars and cameras. Interestingly, several cameras will be used instead of rearview mirrors – which are, of course, absent. What is supposed to be here, however, is “advanced” aerodynamics, achieved by flaps in the front and rear, and even special RONAL wheels.

The Opel Experimental concept car is an experiment and a search for a new future for Opel. Which may end up looking like a coupe-crossover and be called the Opel Grandland or Opel Insignia.