In preparation for the release of Apple Vision Pro, the company is already offering third-party developers the opportunity to test their own software, including the visionOS operating system simulator. It has already tried to run a port of Windows XP, which managed to boot the system.

UTM, a developer of virtual environments for MacOS and iOS, has published a post on its X account with a successful download of the classic version of Windows in the simulator.

It should be noted that despite this success, there is still a lack of control implementation. That is, the old system can be started on Apple Vision Pro, but it is still impossible to interact with it in any way. Nevertheless, the developer still plans to implement such a feature.

Since visionOS is based on iPadOS, it is not surprising that the virtual environment runs successfully on Apple Vision Pro. However, due to the limitations of such applications in the App Store, you will need to use a side-loader to use UTM in mixed reality.