In an effort to combat cheating, Call of Duty now publicly shames cheaters in real time when they are kicked out of the game. This new feature was introduced in the latest season of CoD: Modern Warfare II and the fifth season of CoD: Warzone, as part of an update to the Ricochet anti-cheat system.

When Ricochet identifies and removes a “problem player,” the game notifies all players in the match via the kill feed. This allows all players to confirm that they were dealing with a cheater and that Activision’s systems were able to identify and remove the offending player from the game.

While informing players that someone has been kicked out of the game for cheating is not a new concept for the game, it is a welcome update from the Ricochet team. Over the past few years, the team has used various strategies to remove cheaters from the game and catch suspected hackers. Previous measures have included things like preventing cheaters from seeing enemies, taking away their weapons, and giving honest players the ability to create a shield against cheaters.

Recently, the Ricochet team has been using clones of real players has been using clones of real players against detected and suspected fraud. When a potential hacker interacts with one of these clones, their fraud becomes obvious.