The number of simultaneous players in Baldur’s Gate III on Steam on the day of release exceeded 472 thousand people. This is the second result for 2023. The host of the Twitter account Benji-Sales drew attention to this.

According to SteamDB, the top three games of 2023 in terms of the number of simultaneous players are:

Despite these good numbers, Baldur’s Gate III has only 16 concurrent players in Steam history. On the other hand, these are impressive numbers for a hardcore RPG based on D&D rules.

The latest player feedback on Baldur’s Gate III is extremely positive, with a Steam rating of 96%. Based on the total number of reviews, sales of the new Baldur’s Gate installment have already surpassed 3 million copies. The number of players in Baldur’s Gate III is expected to increase significantly over the weekend.

And to save you from getting up twice, here is the game’s release trailer.