Forbes estimated the current value of Formula 1 teams, which has increased significantly recently.

For example, in 2021, the Swiss Sauber was ready to sell a majority stake in its Alfa Romeo Racing team to Andretti Autosport for approximately $350 million. When the deal fell through, Sauber turned to Audi and sold a minority stake in January 2023, receiving an estimated asset value of approximately $650 million, that is, twice as much. Currently, only half a year after this deal, Forbes values Alfa Romeo Racing at $900 million (!), based on an estimated revenue of $210 million for 2023.

This also applies to other teams in the peloton. On average, a modern Formula 1 team, according to Forbes, is worth $1.88 billion, which is an incredible 276% more than the average of $500 million, which Forbes obtained in the previous evaluation of teams in 2019. It becomes clear why Formula 1 teams are opposed to expanding the peloton to 24 cars with the current compensation from the new team of only $300 million.

The most expensive Formula 1 teams according to Forbes

Among the factors that have increased the value of the teams and the entire brand of Formula 1 is the series Formula 1: Drive to Survive from Netflix, which has attracted a lot of attention to the sport and attracted new viewers. In addition, cost restrictions, new “expensive” stages in the USA and new sponsors also contributed to the increase in the cost of teams. Interestingly, the most expensive Formula 1 team as of now is not at all the team that wins every race of the 2023 season.

Most expensive Formula 1 teams:
Ferrari – $3.9 billion
Mercedes – $3.8 billion
Red Bull – $2.6 billion
McLaren – $2.2 billion
Alpine – $1.4 billion
Aston Martin – $1.375 billion
AlphaTauri – $1.125 billion
Alfa Romeo – $900 million
Haas – $780 million
Williams – $725 million

On the screensaver is a shot from Joseph Kosinski’s film (Tron: Legacy, Top Gun: Maverick) with Brad Pitt, which was filmed during the 2023 British Grand Prix. The release of this film in 2024 will probably lead to another increase in the price of Formula 1 assets.