Another scandal related to Ubisoft has erupted due to the company’s controversial policy regarding Ubisoft Connect accounts that have been inactive for a certain period of time. Because of this, players may lose access to purchased games. Eurogamer writes about the situation.

The scandal erupted after screenshots of correspondence with Ubisoft support were made public, shared by Twitter user @PC_enjoyer.

“We noticed that you have not been using your Ubisoft account associated with [your email address].

We have temporarily suspended your inactive Ubisoft account and will close it permanently after 30 days in accordance with our Terms of Service.

If you want to keep your Ubisoft account, you can cancel its closure by clicking on the Cancel button below.”

Of course, this notification caused a lively discussion on the Internet, and some users remembered that this is how they had already lost access to their own Ubisoft accounts with a bunch of purchased games.

In its justification, the official account of Ubisoft Support wrote on Twitter:

“We just wanted to chime in that you can avoid the account closure by logging into your account within the 30 days (since receiving the email pictured) and selecting the Cancel Account Closure link contained in the email. We certainly do not want you to lose access to your games or account, so if you have any difficulties logging in, then please create a support case with us.”

In fact, the news about the suspension and possible closure of Ubisoft accounts is not news at all. This topic was first raised by PC World a year and a half ago, in December 2021. But then Ubisoft claimed that it does not close accounts that have been inactive for less than 4 years. The suspension of accounts itself was due to data protection laws such as GDPR, which require inactive accounts to be closed if their data is deemed no longer needed.

Interestingly, none of the other digital platforms seem to have implemented similar rules yet, but it’s still worth checking the EULA from time to time if you care about your games.

P.S. As one of our readers adds in the comments, in 2015 they received an almost identical letter from Blizzard. The author apologizes for the russian language in 2015.

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