OpenAI announced that ChatGPT for Android will be released this week. The app is live on Google Play, so users can pre-register to get it as soon as it becomes available. This is reported by Engadget.

It is not yet known if the app will initially be available only in the US, as was the case with the iPhone app. OpenAI expanded its iOS app to other regions just days after its release. So the Android app is likely to be available in other countries soon, even if it’s only launched in the US at first.

We will remind that OpenAI released a free ChatGPT application for iPhone in the USA in May. It includes support for voice input using the Whisper AI speech recognition model and can sync chat history with the web version of the AI assistant.

By the way, recently ChatGPT received a new function called “user instructions”. Its purpose is to tell the chatbot what it needs to know about the user and how it should respond to requests.