Another project has appeared on Steam about combat UAVs that destroy Russian invaders, this time right on the bridge over the Kerch Strait. Apparently, Bridge Hunter is a Ukrainian game, although there is no direct confirmation of this at the moment. The Telegram channel “Dirty Wall” drew attention to the project.

In Bridge Hunter, you have to control a drone that can carry both regular VOGs and pickled vegetables, a suitcase with an unknown toxic content, or a shark capable of “dehumanizing”. In addition, it is possible to target the bridge with artillery, or even a nuclear strike, or a laser from the satellite.

You can also operate in groups of up to five drones, switching between them to confuse the enemy and mislead russian air defense.

Judging by the SteamDB data, they started designing the Bridge Hunter page a few days ago. In August 2023, the authors hope to release the game in Early Access, and the final version should be out by the end of 2023.

As a reminder, the game Death From Above from Finnish studio Rockodile and German publisher Lesser Evil recently appeared in Steam Early Access. Its authors have already transferred the first $10,000 received from Steam sales to Ukrainian funds that support the army.