The sleep tracking app Pokémon Sleep is now available for Android and iOS, reports TechCrunch.

The program can be called a game, and its users will receive rewards for participating in it. To do this, you need to put the smartphone next to the pillow and go to sleep. Of course, this app has pokemons and a well-thought-out plot.

”Me before: 6 hours of sleep is plenty. I’m not a baby. I have shit to do

Me since Pokémon Sleep came out: *in bed at 10pm after taking 2 Mg tablets and drinking herbal tea* so if I set my alarm for 7am and only wake up once during the night, I can maximize my Drowsy Points…,”writes one of the users.

As you know, the company announced this application back in 2019 after the success of Pokémon Go. It was supposed to be introduced in 2020, but in the end the release was promised for 2023.

Pokémon Sleep will monitor the duration and quality of sleep. The phone’s microphone and accelerometer sensors will record how often a person twists, turns and snores. The app is also known to be bundled with the Pokémon Go Plus bracelet, which costs around $30.