After the successful completion of beta testing, Google has officially launched Nearby Share for Windows, a new way to share files between Windows-based computers and Android smartphones. The beta version of the program, which managed to install 1.7 million users, has now been replaced by a stable release that has received two new features.

The first is the estimated time of completion of the transfer. Once the sharing is initiated, users will be able to see the estimated time when the file transfer will be completed. The second feature is an image preview in the notification, which provides visual confirmation that the scheduled transfer is in progress.

In addition to these updates, Google announced a partnership with HP. In the future, select HP systems will ship with Nearby Share preinstalled. The HP Dragonfly Pro is the first confirmed laptop for this partnership, with other systems expected to follow soon. Partnerships with other OEMs are also expected.

To use Nearby Share for Windows, users simply need to download the app to their computer Windows computer from Google‘s website. As for smartphones, Nearby Share is supported by default in all models starting with Android 6 and does not require the installation of additional applications.