On the wave of new interest in “Blue or white dress phenomenon”, that went viral in 2015, someone thought to ask the question about the colors of the cursed dress to the AI. A record of this can be found in the Reddit community r/midjourney.

Midjourney Bot, responding to the /describe command, gave four descriptions of the photo of the dress, three of which claimed that it was blue-black or black-blue, and one that the dress was yellow-black.


It would seem that this story of the “dress that everyone sees differently” can finally end, because AI seems to have no problems with optical illusions, but… AI learns not only from photos, but also from their descriptions given by people, and can broadcast the same perceptual errors as a person’s own.

The new wave of interest in the blue-black/white-gold dress is linked to allegations against Keir Johnston, the groom whose bride wore the cursed dress in 2015. Keir Johnson is charged with attempted murder of his wife.