According to Statcounter, various versions of the Linux operating system are installed on 3% of computers in the world is a record. The contributors to the website Gaming on Linux drew attention to the number.

Statcounter counters are used by more than 1.5 million sites worldwide, so you can trust their numbers. On the other hand, it seems that just in May 2023, the counters received an update and began to better determine the operating system of visitors’ PCs. Related to this is a sharp decrease in the number of unknown OS in the statistics, from 12.69% in May 2023 to 3.24% in June 2023.

Linux is installed on 3% of PCs in the world

As for Linux, despite record figures of 3.07% in June 2023, this is the lowest percentage among popular OSes. Even Chrome OS has 4.13% of the market in June. As for the leaders among desktop OSes, it is still Windows and macOS – 68.23% and 21.32%, respectively.

It is interesting that Steam Hardware and Software Survey on the mentioned Gaming on Linux website showed a much smaller percentage of Linux PCs – only 1.44%.

According to Mezha statistics, 2.37% of readers of our site have Linux installed on their PCs.