It became known that the Kyiv studio Game-Labs, the authors of the Ultimate General, Ultimate Admiral and This Land Is My Land are working on a new project – a shooter A Twisted Path To Renown.

The studio announced this during an appeal to players in This Land Is My Land, explaining the slow progress in updating this game.

A Twisted Path To Renown is not a direct sequel to This Land Is My Land, although the game takes place in the same setting of the Wild West in 1899. This time, it looks like we will be playing not as an Indian fighting against white colonists, but as bandits/adventurers. In terms of gameplay, A Twisted Path To Renown is a PvEvP first-person shooter with extraction/heist mechanics, that is, a kind of Hunt: Showdown, but without the mystique. Although the latter is not yet certain.

There is no more information about the game at the moment, but there are a few screenshots and they seem to be good. We follow announcements from Game-Labs.

As a reminder, in 2021, the Kyiv studio Game-Labs, which has been operating on the market since 2013 and released six games during this time, became part of the Swedish gaming holding Stillfront. The amount of the deal was $32.5 million.