We have already talked about KIA Picanto update, but then these were only the first guesses. And now the company has announced all the details about updating the model. Where did you guess? Where did you lose?

Design – everything is clear here: the KIA Picanto car has changed significantly, almost a new generation of the model! A new front end, vertical headlights combined with a strip, large radiator grilles and a “powerful” front bumper. Moreover, the front fenders and hood have been changed. There are enough differences at the back: the updated version of the KIA Picanto received changed lights, and the GT-Line configuration also flaunts an imitation of a diffuser. In addition, new 14-15-16-inch wheels are offered.

The interior? We also guessed: a minimum of changes in general, but there are differences in details. It is a digital instrument panel consisting of three parts: a central 4.2-inch display plus two digital indicators on the right/left. The 8-inch touchscreen display has also been slightly updated.

But in terms of equipment, there are surprises. The basic option for the KIA Picanto will be a 1-liter 67-horsepower naturally aspirated engine. But its more powerful alternative will not be a “turbo”, but a naturally aspirated engine; however, with an increased working volume of 1.2 liters it produces 84 hp.

What do you think: will this power be enough to match the ambitious design?