The Indian company Tresa Motors presented the Model V0.1 electric truck. And it looks like a real Cybertruck, not something that Tesla still can’t produce. The truck is based on the company’s own platform called FLUX350.

“Currently, India has a fleet of 2.8 million trucks, contributing to 60% of emissions, highlighting the urgent need for zero emissions medium and heavy trucks,” says Rohan Shravan, Founder CEO, Tresa Motors, said. “With the upcoming vehicle scrappage policy in 2024 and increasing fuel costs, the time is ripe for a shift towards medium and heavy electric trucks.”

As stated on the company’s website, the FLUX350 platform provides an efficiency of about 92%, the developers are trying to bring it to 95%. No additional characteristics of the Tresa Motors Model V0.1 have been released yet.

There is also no video from Tresa Motors Model V0.1 yet, so you can look it at previous Model V0‘s prototype. We’re sorry, but the owner of the video is not allowed to embed it.