University of Toronto professor Geoffrey Hinton, often called the “Godfather of AI,” isn’t convinced that good AI will win over bad AI. He stated this at the Collision conference in Toronto, writes Engadget.

AI is only as good as the people who create it, he says, and that bad technology can still win.

“I’m not convinced that a good AI that is trying to stop bad AI can get control,” he said.

Geoffrey Hinton believes it may be difficult to stop the military-industrial complex from producing combat robots. He also reiterated his opinion that AI could pose an existential risk to humanity. If artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans, there is no guarantee that humans will remain in charge.

However, this does not mean that Geoffrey Hinton despairs over the impact of artificial intelligence. Humans may have to do “empirical work” to understand how AI can go wrong and prevent it from getting out of control.

Earlier, a group of IT leaders warned that the artificial intelligence technology they are creating may one day pose a threat to the existence of humanity and should be considered a social risk on a par with pandemics and nuclear wars.