Kyiv studio Creoteam (Collapse, Collapse: The Rage, Football, Tactics & Glory) announced a new game – Football, Tactics & Glory: World.

As the name suggests, this is an expansion / sequel to the turn-based football simulator Football, Tactics & Glory, which was released in 2018 and received several major updates during this time – Football Stars and Manager’s Journey. This game has a good Steam rating of 89% and according to independent ratings sold in circulation from 100 to 400 thousand copies.

The new game was initially also conceived as an add-on, but while working on it, the developers realized that their plans went beyond the DLC format.

In Football, Tactics & Glory: World will have everything from the first game plus content from its DLC. But there will be innovations. One of the main ones is the unique features of countries, i.e. different football cultures. In addition, a new layer of mechanics related to national teams with the World Cup and content, inviting players from different clubs, inviting coaches, etc. is added. Among other things, new transfer mechanics will be added, for example, renting.

Creoteam plans to release the game in March-June 2024 if the war does not force a change of plans. The issue with Early Access has not yet been resolved. From late 2023 / early 2024, the developers want to give free access to the game to modders who want to make mods for the new game, such as real national leagues and real players.

Estimated cost of Football, Tactics & Glory: World in Europe is €35. For Ukraine, as always, the cost of the game will be the lowest among all countries. For example, the original Football, Tactics & Glory costs UAH 199, and now has a 50% discount, so you can get it for UAH 99. For owners of the original game and DLC, the new game will be even cheaper.