For a long time, Apple Watch has offered an interesting function to clean the speaker from water after immersion or moisture accidentally getting into it: the device plays a certain sound for a few seconds, which helps to literally push out the remaining moisture. The iPhone can also be submerged under water, but it does not offer such a feature.

As recently noted by one of the authors of ZDNET Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, after water gets into the iPhone speaker, you do not have to worry about the device itself, its protection should cope with moisture. But at the same time, water in the speaker can spoil the sound. And for such a case, there is a simple solution that is similar to the function of the Apple Watch.

However, it requires a third-party Shortcut. But it works as simply as possible. 

The algorithm is as follows. To get started, you need to download a Shortcut with the appropriate name – Water Eject. When you click on the link, iPhone will prompt you to add it to the app list. It can also be added to Siri capabilities. Everything is ready to use.

After launching the Shortcut through the application or with the help of a voice assistant, the iPhone speaker will repeat the “trick” of the Apple Watch for a few seconds, which will help to get rid of excess moisture in the speaker and, firstly, help the device to be preserved better, and secondly, it will prevent the speaker from distorting the sound after “bathing”.

As Adrian noted, in his case, with the help of such a Shortcut, he was able to return the speaker of his own iPhone to the appropriate sound.