The premium French crossover DS 7 recently underwent a planned update, during which the car got rid of the word Crossback in its name, but gained significant changes in design.

For example, the “face” of the DS 7 model has been completely updated: there is a new radiator grille, DS PIXEL LED VISION headlights and DS LIGHT VEIL daytime running lights, and all this is mounted on a new bumper. The rear of the DS 7 now flaunts tinted taillights and a black stripe with DS AUTOMOBILES written between them. New wheel rim options have also been added.

Among the technical updates, it is worth mentioning the release of new PHEV hybrids with increased batteries. One of these options will also be offered in Ukraine: it is a 300-horsepower DS 7 PHEV 1.6 4×4 gasoline crossover that can travel up to 81 km on electric drive only and has all-wheel drive (thanks to the electric motor at the back). Another version of the DS for Ukraine is a version with a 1.5-liter turbodiesel and front-wheel drive. In both cases, an 8-speed automatic gearbox is used.

In the interior, the changes are smaller, but they are also present. For example, from now on, the DS 7 crossover gets a state-of-the-art DS IRIS multimedia system, and new options for interior decor have also appeared.

By the way, interior decoration directly depends on the selected configuration, of which two are offered for Ukraine – RIVOLI and OPERA. Accordingly, depending on the combination of engines and equipment, the initial cost of the car also changes:

DS 7 1.5 BlueHDi 130 RIVOLI – from UAH 1,450,400.

DS 7 1.5 BlueHDi 130 OPERA – from UAH 1,653,500.

DS 7 PHEV 1.6 300 4×4 RIVOLI – from UAH 2,338,800.

DS 7 PHEV 1.6 300 4×4 OPERA – from UAH 2,672,400

Cars are already available for order from official DS dealers in Ukraine.