In a new ad campaign, Google showed how the iPhone 14 Pro envies its phone Pixel 7 Pro, says

Several videos show the Pixel being able to do things the iPhone can’t. For example, one video shows that after so many years of existence, the iPhone can only cite as an achievement the blue color of messages in the iMessage messenger, which remains extremely popular in the United States.

Another video is about astrophotography. In it, the iPhone cannot see as much of the starry sky as the Pixel.

Also in the ad, the iPhone is afraid of public Wi-Fi because it doesn’t have a VPN like the Pixel.

In another video, the iPhone battery is dead, but the Pixel comes to its rescue by charging wirelessly.

And finally, the Pixel 7 Pro steps aside to let the Pixel Fold take center stage, even though the iPhone pretends it’s talking to the same device as before, but it’s not.

Be that as it may, such advertising is really surprising and unusual.