Kemankes – a miniature cruise missile from the Turkish Baykar Technology

Baykar Technology, manufacturer of attack and reconnaissance UAVs Bayraktar TB2, Bayraktar Akinci and Bayraktar Kızılelma conducted a test of miniature cruise missile Kemankes of its own production. The missile was launched from the Bayraktar TB2 UAV.

The miniature intelligent cruise missile Kemankes was presented in April 2023. It is really small – the weight is only 30 kg with a length of 1.73 m, and it is intended for defeating strategic targets in the deep rear of the enemy. Due to its small size and high speed, Kemankes will be a rather difficult target for air defense and will be able to “deliver” up to 6 kg of explosives to headquarters, radars, EW systems and other important enemy facilities at a distance of more than 200 km.

Kemankes is equipped with a modern optical guidance system with AI support, which will help in the detection, identification and targeting of the target during the final flight segment.

Kemankes cruise missiles can be used from Bayraktar Akinci, Bayraktar TB-2 and Bayraktar TB-3 drones. So we are waiting for a test sample for the Armed Forces of Ukraine for testing on real targets.

Kemankes cruise missile specifications
Length – 1.73 m
Height – 0.4 m
Wingspan – 1.25 m
Weight – 30 kg
Payload capacity – 6 kg
Maximum speed – Mach 0.7 (720 km/h).
Cruise speed – Mach 0.3 (360 km/h)
Operational altitude – 5,500 m
Engine – jet
Endurance – 1 hour
Operational range – 200+ km