Volkswagen has revealed the first technical details about the third-generation Volkswagen Tiguan crossover. The car should debut only in the fall of 2023, and sales will begin at the very beginning of 2024.

However, the most important thing is already known. For example, about the increase in size: the total length of the new Volkswagen Tiguan will reach the 4.55-meter mark. However, the car will retain the familiar 2.68-meter wheelbase and platform. However, the latter will now be called the MQB EVO, and its main features will be the DCC PRO suspension with advanced tuning options and increased battery sizes for PHEV-hybrids.

By the way, the range of the new Volkswagen Tiguan will have two such models – with a capacity of 204 or 272 hp – and both will be able to cover about 100-120 km exclusively on the electric drive. In addition, the third-generation Volkswagen Tiguan crossover should get the usual 1.5 TSI and 2.0 TSI (petrol) and 2.0 TDI (diesel) engines.

The interior has changed dramatically. It is worth noting the transfer of the automatic transmission joystick from the central console to the switch under the steering wheel, a flat (without visor) digital instrument panel based on a 10.25-inch display, an enlarged central display – from now on with a diagonal of 12.9 or 15 inches. The traditional side of the climate control control is no longer there, the ventilation deflectors are installed below. And the steering wheel with the usual buttons is back. In addition, an increase in internal space and trunk volume is promised.

But let’s wait for the full presentation – to finally see the final version of the design and learn all the details about the new Volkswagen Tiguan.