Polish 11 Bit Studios presented new trailers for the games Frostpunk 2 and The Invincible. In the first game, 11 Bit Studios acts as a developer, in the second as a publisher.

Frostpunk 2 takes place 30 years after the events of the original game. The city built around the Generator has survived and thrived, but the ambitions and desires of its inhabitants may once again bring it to the brink of existence.

The release of the city-building strategy with elements of survival Frostpunk 2 is scheduled for 2024. And so far it seems only on PC. The game already has pages on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG.

We have already mentioned the adventure The Invincible based on the sci-fi novel of the same name by Stanislav Lem several times. The game really looks fantastic. The new trailer, called Yasna Story, tells about the main character of the game and her motivations, and also shows some interesting new footage.

The Invincible, developed by the Polish studio Starward Industries, will be released in 2023 on Windows PC on Steam, on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.