Discovery – a sci-fi shooter from Lviv studio Stepico Games

Lviv game studio Stepico Games presented the first trailer of the future sci-fi shooter Discovery.

The events of the game take place in the distant future on the planet Rogax, where the spaceship Daedalus crashes. The main character of the game is a former military engineer, Lieutenant Stepman. The Daedalus is his own little freighter (who said Firefly?!), which he uses to carry out sometimes not-so-legal tasks. Stepman is an experienced shooter, and he travels only with a robot companion.

Discovery uses the Unreal Engine 5 engine and all its new-fangled subsystems, such as Lumen, Nanite and Niagara. By genre, Discovery is a narrative dynamic first-person shooter.

Discovery has no release date and publisher yet, and we haven’t been shown the gameplay. But the game at least looks interesting, so we look forward to more news from Stepico Games.

Stepico Games is a Lviv game outsourcing company that offers a wide range of services for game development on Unity and Unreal Engine, graphics creation, etc. According to the latest surveys, the company was among the 25 of the largest game studios of Ukraine. Currently, Stepico Games has 214 employees, most of whom are located in Lviv.