Japanese Personal Information Protection Commission has warned OpenAI which last November launched ChatGPT, a language-based artificial intelligence model, not to collect personal data without people’s permission. It is reported by Reuters.

According to the commission’s statement, OpenAI should minimize the amount of personal data it collects for machine learning. If new problems arise, the authority may take further action.

The watchdog noted the need to balance privacy concerns with the potential benefits of generative AI, particularly in accelerating innovation and addressing issues such as climate change.

According to analytics company Similarweb, Japan is the third largest source of traffic to the OpenAI website.

We remind you, that recently OpenAI allowed disabling history in ChatGPT for the sake of people’s privacy.

To do this, account owners should click the switch in their settings. This option can become a guarantee of confidentiality for people who share “private” information with a chatbot.