Mark Zuckerberg presented Meta Quest 3 – the long-awaited next-generation virtual reality headset. It is worth noting that he chose probably the most favorable moment. There is currently a lot of hype around this topic, because Apple is supposed to present its own headset in a few days.

Like the Quest Pro model, Quest 3 has a mixed reality mode and supports full-color end-to-end video. It allows users to see a colored version of the physical space around them using external cameras. The device will be able to combine elements of augmented reality with the outside world. Zuckerberg says it’s “the first mainstream headset with high-res color mixed reality.”

The head of Meta also claims that the gadget is equipped with a “new generation” Qualcomm chipset that offers twice the graphics performance of the Quest 2. The novelty should be Meta’s most powerful headset. At the same time, Quest 3 is 40 percent thinner and should be more comfortable than the previous version.

Meta has announced a new Quest 3 virtual reality headset

Meta also redesigned the Quest 3 controllers. They have become more ergonomic and include TruTouch tactile feedback technology. Additionally, the new controllers do not have external tracking rings.

The cost of Meta Quest 3 starts at $499 for the version with 128 GB storage. The headset will go on sale in the fall in all countries where the Quest 2 is offered. The Quest 3 will be compatible with all the applications that are available for the predecessor.

Meta also announced the release of an update for the Quest 2 and Quest Pro models, which will increase the performance of their CPU and GPU and add the Dynamic Resolution Scaling feature.