Studio Loreseeker Games has announced the development of a dark fantasy sea role-playing game SIREN, the main characters of which will be… mermaids .

It sounds a little strange, but it even looks interesting. According to the developers, the trailer of the game is compiled on standard Unreal Engine assets and the appearance of the project may change. But even with standard models, underwater locations look good, but there are questions about what will happen to the combat part.

SIREN will tell about an underwater civilization that confronts a primordial evil spreading from some sunken ship. They promise strict Lovecraftian themes, magic, technology and much more.

But Loreseeker Games is a small studio with no funding, so they offer SIREN on Patreon. I wonder if the announcement of the game is related to the MerPeople documentary series dedicated to mermaid fans, which was released recently on Netflix.