KONAMI together with Genvid Technologies, Bad Robot Games and Behavior Interactive presented a new trailer for the interactive show Silent Hill: Ascension.

It is a spinoff of the Silent Hill series of horror games, in which the audience determines how the story unfolds right during the live broadcast. At the same time, according to the authors, it is not about direct voting during viewing.

The art, monsters, and audio design for the show were created by Bad Robot Games using the game engine (which appears to be Unreal Engine 5), while Genvid provided the technology and will handle the “rental” of the series.

Nothing is known about the plot of Silent Hill: Ascension yet. The series should be released in 2023.

We will remind you that a remake of the classic Silent Hill 2 and a new game of the series codenamed Silent Hill f, whose events unfold in the past, are currently under development.