As part of the Warhammer Skulls 2023 Games Festival on, you can get the classic Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000.

Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000 is a classic turn-based wargame set in the Warhammer Epic 40K universe, released in 1997, which is 26 years ago. The game was developed by the Holistic Design studio, which, by the way, still exists now, but once very famous publisher SSI has already ceased to exist.

At the time, Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000 received fairly positive reviews from the media (86/100 from PC Gamer (US), 4/5 from Computer Gaming World) and nearly won Best Cinematics 1997 from GameSpot, but lost to The Curse of Monkey Island.

Of course, now Final Liberation looks “a little” outdated, but if you like the classics, or collect icons, then pick up the game at GOG.