Rumors that Sony is developing a new portable gaming device to work with the PlayStation 5 started a couple of months ago. And now, during the presentation of the PlayStation Showcase, the company finally presented it officially.

The game system was named Project Q and has a traditional look for portable game consoles — a screen with controls on the sides. But unlike the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, Sony’s Project Q isn’t a stand-alone console, but a device for streaming games from the main console, the PlayStation 5.

The games must be installed on the PS5, meaning it’s not cloud streaming, but local play within Wi-Fi range via Remote Play. VR projects are naturally not supported.

As for the Project Q specs, the LCD screen is 8 inches and can play games at 1080p@60 fps, and the device itself has all the buttons and full DualSense functionality, including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Sony promises to release Project Q later this year, but the exact date and price have not yet been announced.