The compact hatchback Opel Corsa has received a portion of updates that concern literally everything: appearance, interior design, and equipment.

Let’s start with the design: the most important innovation for the Opel Corsa was the Opel Vizor element, which is the signature design of the front part, which means a large black insert between the headlights. By the way, the headlights have also changed, as has the front bumper: the latter received sharper corners. Finally, the updated hatchback Opel Corsa stands out with original wheel rims and a wide model name inscription on the back.

There are fewer changes inside the Opel Corsa model, but they are also there. For example, the large 10-inch display received a new menu design, the central overlay on the steering wheel was changed, and a miniature joystick replaced the automatic transmission lever.

However, the most important changes for Opel Corsa took place even deeper “inside”, namely – under the hood. After all, from now on the Opel Corsa hatchback received two hybrid versions (100 or 136 hp), which are based on a 1.2-liter engine and have an additional 48-volt electric drive and a transmission with a double clutch.

In addition, the selection of electric versions of the Opel Corsa-e has been expanded. If earlier only one version was offered (100 kW power and 50 kWh battery), now a 115 kW or 156 hp version with a 54 kWh battery has been added – such an electric car should travel up to 402 km on one full charge.