The Ukrainian satellite EOS SAT-1 transmitted the first pictures of the Earth

EOS SAT-1 satellite of the Ukrainian company EOS Data Analytics, which was launched in early 2023, transmitted the first images of the Earth.

Immediately after the launch, the EOS Data Analytics team established a stable connection with the satellite and began receiving telemetry to the ground station. The next task was to make sure that the onboard computer properly processes the data at both the firmware and software levels. Finally, when all calibration and validation tasks were completed and the payload was commissioned, the first processed images from EOS SAT-1 were acquired.

We will remind you that EOS SAT-1 is the first satellite of the group focused on global agricultural needs. The satellite was developed by the companies included in Max Polyakov’s Noosphere – EOS Data Analytics, Dragonfly Aerospace, SETS, and Flight Control Propulsion.

The first panchromatic fusion satellite images show the Spanish province of Segovia (46 km band) and the city of Cape Town (44 km band) and have a resolution of 1.5 meters.

We will remind you that we did a big interview with EOS SAT project manager Andrii Muzychenko dedicated to the satellites of the EOS SAT constellation and the company EOS Data Analytics.