Everyone often asks: where have the “people’s” cheap Toyota cars gone? But here they are! For example, the new Toyota Vitz hatchback. Although it’s not really a Toyota…

After all, the Toyota Vitz car of the new generation is created as a clone of the “baby” Suzuki Celerio: identical overall design of the 3.7-meter body, and a similar interior. The only difference is in the logos on the model name – before us is the Toyota Vitz.

The technical part is quite simple: independent front suspension and semi-independent rear, gasoline 1-liter 66-horsepower engine, conventional 5-speed manual transmission, or its automated version with one clutch. Among the interesting features of the Toyota Vitz, we can note a color 7-inch display in the interior – at least something from the modern world.

Too simple for Toyota? But pay attention to the cost of the Toyota Vitz – from $9,900 in the South African market, where sales of this car will start first. I wonder how much they would charge for it in Ukraine?