Animated film Mavka. Forest song continues to set records. According to the results of the eleventh week at the national box office, the box office of the cartoon amounted to UAH 145,790,419. The number of tickets sold is 1,159,931. This was announced by the official account of Ukrainian State Film Agency on Facebook.

The results of Mavka at the global box office are even more impressive. According to Box Office Mojo, the Ukrainian cartoon has already earned $10,666,633 in 10 countries, including Ukraine.

Earnings are distributed as follows:

  • France – $3,977,737
  • Ukraine – $3,831,433
  • Italy – $1,239,657
  • Spain – $561,394
  • Netherlands – $447,960
  • United Arab Emirates – $166,343
  • Romania – $141,165
  • Croatia – $121,181
  • New Zealand – $106,960
  • Portugal – $72,803

That is, according to the current rate of the National Bank of Ukraine Mavka. Forest Song has already earned UAH 390,063,835. As of July 2021, the total budget of the cartoon was estimated at UAH 187,241,525. So it can be said that the film has already paid off, even if you do not take into account the various additional revenues of the franchise from the sale of soft toys, jewelry, books, etc. It seems that Animagrad and Film.UA managed to prove all the skeptics wrong.

We hope that Mavka will be released in other major markets as well – in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, etc. and eventually on Netflix.