For the first time in history, a song written in Finnish topped the global ranking on Spotify. It’s Cha cha cha by Käärijä. This is reported by the thisisFINLAND community on Twitter.

“If you haven’t yet, now is the right time to listen to Cha cha cha by Käärijä. For the first time ever, a song written in #Finnish language tops the global list on Spotify. 💚 Not bad for a language with 5 million native speakers!” says the tweet.

We will remind you that the Finnish rapper and singer Käärijä represented Finland at this year’s Eurovision with the song Cha cha cha. In the final of the international competition, he received 526 votes and took second place. At the same time, TV viewers gave the performer 366 points.

The song Cha cha cha was released on January 18 this year. Käärijä co-wrote it with Alexi Nurmi and Johannes Naukkarinen.