Red Hook Studios presented a trailer for the full release of the role-playing game Darkest Dungeon II, which will take place today, May 8, 2023, in the evening Kyiv time.

Darkest Dungeon II, the sequel to the very dark and challenging turn-based role-playing game Darkest Dungeon (2016), which got extremely positive feedback from players and the media, was announced back in February 2019. On October 26, 2021, the game was released in Early Access at Epic Games Store, full release and appearance of the game on Steam were scheduled for February 2023, but this date has been pushed back to May 2023.

Darkest Dungeon II has as many as 12 playable characters, and the events take place not underground, but on the surface. During Early Access, we thought the game was a little simpler than the first part, but we’ll see how it will be in the release version.

According to Steam, Darkest Dungeon II has a Ukrainian localization. The cost of the game on EGS is UAH 429, on Steam, owners of the first part will be able to purchase the sequel at a discount.