A trailer of an unannounced NFT game appeared online, fully created by the Ukrainian outsourcing studio Pingle Studio.

The clip was released on YouTube as early as April 2023, but only yesterday one of the developers showed it in the Facebook community Game Developers – Ukraine. As of now, the post has been removed.

From the trailer, it is difficult to tell to which genre the game belongs, especially since the emphasis in the video is completely different. But considering that we are talking about NFT, it is most likely a sci-fi strategy with the possibility of buying planets or territories.

Pingle Studio is a well-known Ukrainian game outsourcing company that deals with porting, testing and outsourced development of games. The studio was established in 2005 and has offices in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Lviv. According to Gamedev.DOU.ua as of spring 2022, the company had 350 employees, 300 of whom are technical specialists.

Pingle Studio worked on such games as Pathologic 2, Beyond a Steel Sky, Hard West II, the Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, Life is Strange, My Time At Portia, and Strayed Lights (released April 25, 2023).