Korean studio Npixel presented the first gameplay trailer of its new MMORPG – Chrono Odyssey. The game uses Unreal Engine 5, and a new video shows off the game’s graphics in all their glory.

The developer describes the game as “a next-generation open-world MMORPG that takes the best of your beloved, time-tested MMOs.” The combat system is action-oriented, and judging by the trailer, it may have a lot in common with games in the souls-like genre.

The key mechanic of Chrono Odyssey seems to be the same “Chrono” – a power that gives the ability to manipulate time and space, thanks to which players will be able to stop time, “rewind” events and even explore other timelines.

Chrono Odyssey will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, but a release date, even an approximate one, has not yet been announced. And no, the game has nothing to do with the legendary Chrono Trigger series.