Apple Wallet can be used to store not only bank cards, but also digital keys, boarding passes, and from now on work passes. HID Global has begun distributing technology that allows you to store your work document in the Apple Wallet app. It was first tested by a few offices at One World Trade Center, but now it’s becoming available to more companies.

The company published a video showing that the digital version of the pass on your smartphone or smartwatch can replace a plastic card. It is enough to bring the gadget to the reader, after which the system will unlock the lock, open the door or provide access to the printer. It is worth noting that the technology still works for some time even if the iPhone is discharged.

By the way, HID Global is an American manufacturer of secure identification tools. Their devices and software are used in more than 100 countries around the world, so it is likely that this technology will soon appear in Ukrainian offices as well.