Samsung Electronics banned employees from using generative artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT. The company made this decision after discovering that confidential code had been uploaded to the platform, according to Bloomberg.

The manufacturer communicated the new policy to one of its largest departments via memo. In it, they expressed concern that data transferred to artificial intelligence platforms is stored on external servers. This makes it more difficult to find and delete and may make the information available to other users.

The new rules prohibit the use of generative AI systems on computers, tablets, and smartphones owned by Samsung, as well as in the company’s internal networks. The manufacturer also asked employees who use ChatGPT and other tools on personal devices not to provide information related to the company or personal data that could reveal its intellectual property. Violation of these rules may result in dismissal.

“We ask that you diligently adhere to our security guidelines and failure to do so may result in a breach or compromise of company information resulting in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment,” Samsung said in the memo.

In April, Samsung engineers accidentally leaked internal source code by uploading it to ChatGPT. Also last month, the manufacturer conducted a survey on the use of AI tools within the company. According to its results, 65% of respondents believe that such services pose a security risk.