Creators have long been waiting for more professional apps for the iPad Pro, and Apple may have finally heard them. It is reported that the full version of Final Cut Pro will appear on tablets in 2024. At most, Logic Pro for iPad should be released after it.

Questions about when Apple will release tablet versions of its video and audio editing applications began to appear after the announcement of the iPad Pro with the M1 chipset. One of the insiders says that the company will be the first to release Final Cut Pro for iPad, because video is a priority at this time. That is why in 2024 we can see a tablet version of the video editor, which will fully correspond to its desktop version in terms of functionality, but will have a slightly modified interface with support for touch control. As for Logic Pro, its appearance on the iPad is expected in 2025.

We will find out if these rumors are true, most likely, only at WWDC 2024. Until then, a lot can change in Apple’s plans. Despite this, such a step would be quite logical on the part of the company, given its attempts to bring macOS and iPadOS closer in terms of functionality. nd iPadOS closer in terms of functionality.