Intel Core mobile processors of the 14th generation, which have the code name Meteor Lake, are already actively running in various tasks. Recently, mention of the new chips was spotted in the Ashes of the Singularity test base.

Intel Core Ultra 5 1003H benchmark

The test chip had the designation Intel Core Ultra 5 1003H and could simultaneously process up to 18 data streams. Unusual names for engineering samples in general is a fairly typical practice, but this case is special.

Bernard Fernandes, director of global communications at Intel, responded to the leak. In his post, he confirmed that Intel is preparing for rebranding as the company is at an inflection point in its customer roadmap as it prepares to launch its Meteor Lake chips. More details on this account should be expected in the coming weeks.

So the use of the Core Ultra 5 designation was most likely not a “cover element”. It is quite possible that the designation Core Ultra 5/7/9 will be used for the new CPUs, instead of the usual Core i5/i7/i9.

With the expansion of the range of chips, it is not easy for manufacturers to create a notation system understandable to consumers, which would facilitate the choice of the optimal solution for certain tasks. We will remind that last year the company AMD updated the labeling of mobile chips, which allowed within the framework of one families to associate models with three Zen computing architectures of different generations and graphic RDNA 2/3. Let’s see what Intel will offer in this context, which will also have to present updated Raptor Lake Refresh and fundamentally new Meteor Lake models.